"I’ve been to ART Burger Sushi Bar on three different occasions, and every single time it’s been excellent. From the service to the food to the atmosphere, there is nothing about this place that is less than phenomenal."

– Mark Plavnicky


“This place is FANTASTIC!!! My husband and I recently vacationed to MB and found ART! We visited multiple times during our week long stay and ART would be the only reason we would vacation back to MB. Yes Its that's amazing."

- Bristol Barnes


“Unique gem, hidden away on the boardwalk of oceanfront Myrtle Beach. Good food, cool frozen cocktails, great ambiance. Everything under $13, definitely a place to go again and again"

-Jeff Weatherspoon

"My two girlfriends and I ate an early dinner at Art and were quite impressed by the atmosphere. The constantly changing artwork on the tv screens in the restaurant give it an eclectic feel"
-Jackie Ogg


What Our guests are Saying

Open Daily from 12pm - 10pm

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Our Story

Welcome to ART Burger Sushi Bar, where we've turned our dream into a reality by creating a one-of-a-kind restaurant on the oceanfront. Our goal is to provide a remarkable dining experience for both locals and friends alike. As longtime enthusiasts of sushi and gourmet burgers, we decided to combine these culinary delights with a touch of fusion. The result? A fun and unique gourmet quality restaurant that is accessible to everyone.

At our oceanfront location, you can indulge in a perfect blend of sushi and gourmet burgers. We invite you to have a great time, relish in mouthwatering food, admire captivating art, and forge new friendships.

Quality and freshness are at the heart of what we do. We take pride in using only the finest, hand-picked ingredients to create our culinary masterpieces. Our burgers are made in-house with care and precision, ensuring each bite is a delight for your taste buds. Every dressing we serve is crafted from scratch right here in our kitchen, guaranteeing the highest quality and flavor. We prioritize supporting local farmers, so we source our greens and vegetables from nearby suppliers whenever they are available.

As part of our commitment to promoting the thriving art culture in Myrtle Beach, we have dedicated a portion of our restaurant to local art guilds. Here, artists can showcase and sell their artwork without any charges whatsoever. Membership, display space, and the opportunity to sell their creations are all offered free of cost to the artists.

The story of ART began in October 2014 when Larry and Fabiana Bond, along with help from their close friend and restaurateur G.S. Thappa, opened its doors. Monish Patel, another dear friend and avid ART enthusiast, quickly became part of the family. In 2022, GS and Monish took the reins of ART, becoming the proud owners of this exceptional establishment.

While the ownership may have changed, we are dedicated to preserving the heart and soul of ART. Larry's mom's paintings continue to adorn our walls, and we proudly serve Larry and Fa's favorite burgers that they claim are the best in the world every time they visit. With G.S. and Monish's culinary expertise and passion, we aim to elevate the ART Burger Sushi Bar experience to new heights, ensuring it remains the greatest of its kind.

Join us at ART, where delectable flavors, artistic wonders, and an unforgettable ambiance await you. Experience the freshness of our handcrafted burgers, savor the flavors of our homemade dressings, and enjoy the bounty of locally sourced greens and vegetables when available.